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“For what the client needs”


We offer integrated solutions based on feasibility studies and conceptual engineering.

We study the best solution according to each client’s specific needs. We have an experienced, skilled and diverse team, as well as technicians in each area.

Committed to achieve the goals set by the client, GBS guarantees the delivery, quality and targeted budget of each project.

We perform “Mega-Projects” as Engineer Procurement Contractor (EPC) to schedule and within the budget.

We minimize possible delays in the construction due to misunderstandings by sharing information or material / equipment specifications.

We monitor the progress and maintain contingency plans to keep the project running on schedule.

We document the progress of the project in terms of phase achieved and compare that with what was planned.

If you fail to plan,you plan to fail”.


We have a skilled and knowledgeable staff that will accompany you in your projects.  We are committed to meeting the targeted budget and deadlines without compromising the quality of the product / service, thus providing you with a customized solution.

We believe the best solution is the one that meets and satisfies the specific requirements of our clients.

GBS has established partnerships with prestigious brands in several fields such as: McQuay; Wilo; Tyco; ABB; Schneider, GE and BLT (Shenyang Brilliant).

We are constantly looking for partnerships that bring added value for our customers.


These are some of our reference partners:

o Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment (HVAC) McQuay – recently acquired by Daikin Company.

o Heating and hydraulic pressure pumps ( WILO )
 Security, Alarm, Monitor, CCTV and Fire Detection Systems ( TYCO )
 Electrical switchboards and Transformers ( Schneider / ABB / GE )
 Parking Management, Electronic Payment Systems, and Parking Meters (Parkare)
 Lifts, conveyor belts and escalators (Brilliant – BLT)

We are fully aware that every project is unique and GBS possesses the skills necessary to develop the “project according to your needs.”


With over 30 years in the hotel industry, we have experienced professionals on our team and the know-how to design and develop technical solutions.

A hotel is a special type of building, which requires high safety standards. Furthermore, a hotel needs to be functional, trendy and oriented to the clients’ needs and demands.

GBS implements individual practices well known in the hospitality industry as well as structure it so your business has a solid revenue growth.


Key Action Points:

 Social and Cultural Analysis
 Understanding and analyzing the main competitors
 Definition of Market Segmentation in the Hotel business
Creating business Plan
Definition of a programme
 Structuring a Budget Process
Development of the business model: Strategic , Value , Marketing and Internal Structure
 The Hotel Distribution Channels : Content Optimisation , Recruitment , Promotion , Management
Hotel Marketing : Brand Management and Online Marketing
Hotel Design : Graphic and Interior Design , F&B Design
E-Hospitality Strategy


Our database catalogue is effective and reliable, and is an enabling tool which is already valued by our customers.

Our inspectors are professionals who ensure the client’s interests are always foremost.  In our team we are committed to acting as “the eyes of our customer.”

Professionalism, commitment, and dedication are the keywords for GBS work.

The company is always aware that quality in production, correct labelling and packaging is key to customer satisfaction.

To create a trustful partnership, we also provide detailed and regular reports on your order. We consider ourselves to be the eyes of the customer and we believe that together we are better and stronger.